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Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Design School (SEEDS)

in conjunction with the construction of the STEM building at the University of Ottawa

October-November, 2016, University of Ottawa

inspiring youth to science, technology, engineering, art, math, and medicine (STEAM2) education



High school students are novice designers but have a limited knowledge background and experiences in design thinking. This limited experiential background makes gathering information about wide range of disciplines even more critical for their success.

The main purpose of the SEEDS is to enhance the interest of high school students in STEAM2 topics through the development of creative thinking and prepare students for success at university and beyond.

The best way to develop STEAM2 practitioners is through context: placing actual transdisciplinary problems in front of students early through creating the proper learning environment.

SEEDS will provide students with the opportunity to observe the concepts, processes, and tools used to solve real life problems, and develop the personal and professional attributes essential to being an independent-thinking leader in this technological society.

Students will be shown the difference between studying engineering and becoming an engineer with hands-on, minds-on experiences that happen early and often during their high school education.

We are looking for 30 students to participate in this 9-week pilot program during the months of October and November, 2016.



Grade 9 to 12


Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa


Saturday (10:00-13:00); 9 Weeks (October and November, 2016)


Transdisciplinary Science, Technology; Engineering; Art; Math, and Medicine; Sustainability; Green Engineering; Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Ethics and Public Policies; Sustainable Engineering Design


Students will actively be involved in various engineering student projects starting from idea to design to implementation

Experiential Learning

Students will be engaged with the activities of two major faculty facilities: uOttawa Richard L’Abbé Makerspace and Brunsfield Engineering Students Projects and Entrepreneurship



CD 400 per student including parents, if they wish to join


30 Students


Details of the program will be available in August 2016

Contact (if interested)