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Why Lego Mindstorms


LEGO MINDSTORMS system makes available a great set of tools for learning various topics in engineering with a hands-on approach. LEGO bricks, wheels, and other parts make it possible for students to make their own simple experimental apparatus. The LEGO robotics microprocessor and associated sensors, together with the software, create an environment for data collection, calculation, and for the documentation of experimental work that suits high school education. Moreover, the LEGO system is ideal for use in robotics competitions, where youngsters can explore and invent their own robotics solutions. Currently, we are developing a project-based training session that interface well with the LEGO system. The session includes models that teach classical mechanics through engineering. It covers motion, forces, fluids, work, and energy. The topics are approached from an engineering perspective, with building and designing reinforcing the physical and mathematical concepts.

The LEGO system is available in the market with a good support through the Internet. The students can purchase the system after the summer school so they can develop further learning skills.