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The following modules help students understand the field of engineering.

Exploring various systems and processes help students learn how engineers use math, science and technology in an engineering problem solving


Simple Machines



A World Without Engineers

Wonders of Engineering

Is Engineering for You?

Disciplines of Engineering


Math for Engineers

Math for Engineers

Modeling and Applications

Lesson on Modeling

Reverse Engineering

Engineering Formulae

Quadratic Equations

System of Units

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Systems


Net Forces on an Airplane

Translational and Rotational Motion

Simple Machines

Biomechanics Laboratory: University of Ottawa
Fluid Systems

Fluid Systems

Thermal Systems
Thermal Systems

Heat Transfer

Chemical Engineering
The Chemical Engineer's Resource
Chemical Engineering Resources
Electrical Systems
See the Engineering Learning Resource
Electrical Engineering Acronyms
Collection of Design Notes
List of Capacitor Types
Transistor Cross Reference Searching
74xx/54xx Family TTL Circuits
APLAC: Analog Circuit Simulation and Design Tool


Engineering Design and Project Management

Engineering design process provide a good framework for creative problem solving in various circumstances. These modules teach problem-solving skills using a design development process


The word robot comes from the Czech word for forced labor, or serf. It was introduced by playwright Karel Capek, whose fictional robotic inventions were created by chemical and biological, rather than mechanical, methods

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