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Engineering Communications


Communications engineering is a fast-moving world in which

technically skilled entrepreneurs can make their mark.

It is not about the technology only!


Creative ideas must be conveyed clearly to others!

Effective communication skills are required in order to inform people in the process of conducting a project to record to the progress and results.

Effective communication skills are very important in the business world. Engineers should be able to speak and write effectively in business transactions.

Effective communication skills are very important for a successful career!

So the time you spent learning and mastering these skills is very rewarding



Flow Charts


Flow charts are used in all engineering disciplines to communicate the sequence of events.


Technical Writing


Technical writing is the art of engineering!

It requires talent and intelligent!

However, it also needs tools.


A typical outline of technical paper is


Typically not more than 100-150 words


Introduce problem, outline solution, statement of the problem should indicate why the problem is important, related work.

Body of the Problem

Problem, approach, architecture, results, discussion.

Summary and Future Work







Guidelines for Technical Writing

More information about writing for Engineering and Science

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