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Automated Pill Dispenser Bar Bot Pill Dispenser Quadcopter
Path Following Robot Line Follower Wireless Robotic Hand Mo The Robot
Auto Bike CoinBot Motorized Blind  Following Flames
Perfect Pin Inverse Pendulum Balancing Replenishing Robot Solenoid Cannon
Fighting Gun Prosthetic Hand The SegBoard Hand to Hand
Balancing Platform Lego Crane MicroHydro Plant Fuel Injection
Airboat Proximity Sensor Sun Tracker Shopping Cart 
Spark Ignition Controller Hovercraft Myoelectric Arm

Electric Tea Maker





Module 1


The Electromagnetic Solenoid Cannon


Module 2


Crime Fighting Coil Gun


Module 3


Hand to Mechanical Hand


Module 4


Power Generation Bike


Module 5


Pelton Wheel Drive MicroHydro Plant


Module 6


Simple Wind Turbine System


Module 7


Omni-directional Guided Robotic Entity


Module 8


The Mechatronics Airboat


Module 9


Power DynoTorque


Module 10


Radio Controlled Hovercraft


Module 11


Self-Balancing Platform




Module 1




Module 2


Myoelectric Controlled Prosthesis Hand


Module 3


Refreshment Replenishing Robot


Module 4


The SegBoard


Module 5


Mechatronics Crane


Module 6


Remote Controlled Pick-up


Module 7


Remote Controlled Boat





SafeTouch Temperature Sensor


Spark Ignition Controller


The Myoelectric Arm


Airbag Sensor





Infrared Proximity Sensor


Sound Sensor


Inverse Pendulum Balancing


Window Cleaning Robot


Control System and Feedback


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