Knowledge Possession and Acquisition: Faculty Sharing Teaching Material Online

Circuit and Machines

Control Systems




Power Systems


Knowledge Creation and Competence: Students Reflecting their Learning Online

Biomedical Eng.

Control Systems

Engineering Design



Power Systems


Knowledge Internalization: Students Sharing their "Learning by Doing" Online

IV Mixer  

Solar RC Lawnmower


EMG Controlled Car


Off Road Electric Vehicle


Mo The Robot

  Bar Bot

Quadcopter   Path Following Robot
Electric Tea Maker   Auto Bike

Following Flames

Perfect Pin 

Solenoid Cannon

Fighting Gun 


Hand to Hand 

Balancing Platform 


Fuel Injection 


Shopping Cart 

Spark Ignition Controller

Engineering Outreach Resources Enrichment



Educational/Research Resources

Sharing Knowledge


Simple Machines

A Resource for Juniors




Engineering Learning Resource

Circuits-Math Connected Online


Green Engineers

Students Sharing Activities


Wireless Communications and Health

Answering Public Concern


STEAM Environment

Learning Robotics


@ Grade 9 to Engineering. Updated: August 8, 2017



SEEDS Pilot Program

Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Design School

The Helping Hand Pitch


RC Robot   Syringe Pump
Automated Pill Dispenser   Pill Dispenser
Line Follower   Wireless Robotic Hand
CoinBot   Motorized Blind 

Inverse Pendulum Balancing

Replenishing Robot


 Prosthetic Hand

The SegBoard

 Lego Crane 

MicroHydro Plant 

 Proximity Sensor

Sun Tracker


Myoelectric Arm